Bali Nature Adventure

The Ultimate Cycling In Bali

Bali is one part of Indonesia as a the most world's tourist destination, Bali have a unique culture and art, one of tourist destination in Bali such as: Kuta, Nusa Dua, Sanur, Ubud, Jati Luwih, Sangeh and many more.

Bali Nature Adventure is an adventure activity at natural place, Bali Nature Adventure offering bike ride activity (Bali cycling tours) and trekking (walking activity). As a best cycling in Bali, Bali Nature will take you to see the real Bali. We will pass rice fields, real countryside (village), forest then the guide will explain you about habitual living of Balinese people and their activities such as: farming,
making offering, wood curving, culture, social and what it is Bali will be answered.

Our program is aimed at people who love their body, appreciate the meaning of health and like adventure it is dynamic, energetic, adventurous, efficient and uncomplicated. The goal of our program is to make you know about Bali, realize the importance of nature in the present era, fresh both body (physical), fresh both mind (spiritual) and absolutely make your happy.

Join us to enjoy the riches of Bali Nature, the essence of the holiday is indulge yourself, if you agree take an easy start your adventure now, go travel bike with us and after that just eat, swim and relax with the riches of Bali Nature Adventure company. Join us at Bali Nature Adventure as the best cycling in Bali for complete your vacation in Bali.

About Us

Free Return Transport To One Of Bali's Unique Treasures Just 1/2 an hour from The Kuta District

Not far from the spiritual home of Bali (Ubud), you will find
Bali Nature The brainchild of local people I NYOMAN SUDARMA, Bali Nature evolved from desire to create employment purpose and pride for his village. Bali Nature resides on a specifically selected spiritual site in the verdant rice fields, besides a magical flowing stream. In this amazing setting, renowned Balinese massage teacher Ni Kadek Astuti heads up Bali Nature's healing team where they offer a wide variety of treatments incorporating products hand crafted locally from natural ingredients.

But experience doesn't just end there! Bali Nature offer a picturesque heart shaped pool, day bed with view soft the lush tropical landscape along with traditional warung service Balinese food and cold beverages.

Being just 15 minutes from Ubud, you will also have access to all the riches that this region offers, one such opportunity to cycle and trek the treasure terrain with a truly local guide. So when you summarize the Bali Nature experience it corporate ........

* Free return transport, * Cycling / Trekking with Bali local guide (fully insurance)
* Healing treatment at a sacred spiritual site, * Access to refreshing landscape pool
* A welcoming warung / restaurant with spectacular views
* Free Wi-fi, * Toilet, Shower room with warm and cool water

But most importantly, when you enjoy the riches of Bali Nature you are helping to support members of the local village

"let's go cycling in Bali, feel the real TREK & see the real BALI. Refresh your body, mind and spirit with the best combination (bike ride+lunch+massage)"


 Care With Quality and Hospitality