Bali NATURE Adventure I バリネイチャーアドベンチャー
Bali Spa School-バリスパスクール I Bali Yoga-バリヨガ I Bali Optional Tour-バリオプショナルツアー
Bali NATURE Adventure I バリネイチャーアドベンチャー
One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things
Bali NATURE Adventure I バリネイチャーアドベンチャー
Hospitality I ホスピタリティー 
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Bali Nature Spa School

Dear Visitor, thank you for visiting BALI SPA SCHOOL’S site and welcome to Yayasan LPK Wali Nature Adventure
WNA (Wali Nature Adventure) open a new training program for SPA which can be started every Monday. It’s a good school for those graduated from high school, who want start their career in SPA. Bali Nature Spa School is a Spa training institute ruled by the LPK Wali Nature Adventure Foundation with operating licenses: NO. 428 / DISDIKPORA / Badung / 2013 (Education Department) and licenses: NO SER/563/2687/DISOSNAKER (Manpower Department).



a. Education Department


b. Manpower Department

Bali Nature Spa School: Has competent teaching staff and professional instructors. VISION: to become a professional training institute for Spa Therapist. MISSION: To provide competent therapists who are able to compete in the global competition.

Bali nature spa schools as a pioneer spa school in Bali we are very proud to be your choice to study traditional massage and beauty treatments. Accredited both nationally and internationally, we offer a variety of courses in traditional Indonesian therapies for health and wellness. Our courses range in length from one day to three months. We also cater for private courses and offer diploma courses. We have classes to suit every student from basic to advance led by professional teachers with years of experience in spa industry. Whichever course you take, you can be confident that Bali Spa School will give you all the knowledge, training and support you need to become a successful Spa Therapist.

Enjoy massage classes with personal attention and professional spa products which will equip you with knowledge and experience to work successfully in spas hotels and resorts worldwide. Learn Spa treatments which are based on researched traditional techniques and knowledge.

Take our courses and take the chance to enjoy Bali and it’s culture for a memorable experience!

Spa School Include / 下記プログラム費用に含まれるもの
a. Uniform / ユニフォーム
b. Graduation certificate ( Education Department / Manpower Department) / 修了証明書(2か月迄のコース終了された方は教育省/3か月コースの方は労働省)承認。
c. Lunch at School / 学校でのランチ
d. School service and facilities / 授業、学校施設の利用

Spa School Extra Charge / 下記プログラム費用に含まれないもの

a. Home Stay / ホテルorアパートメントでの宿泊費
b. Air ticket / 往復航空券
c. Insurance / 海外旅行傷害保険
d. VOA (Visa on Arrival)
VOA (現地空港でビザ延長許可書)をもらってください。
e. Visa extension


1 Bali Nature Massage (1,5 Hours)


Duration Course: 1 Week, 35 Hours
Price: 360 USD
Bali Spa School special Balinese massage – This massage is from Bali with a traditional motion, a key point is uniting the palm, thumb and fist. By using long strokes along the muscles, pressure is relieved throughout the body. Useful for : To speed up blood circulation, Shake an muscles, To cause the loss of stress
バリ伝来のスパ定番コースです。オイルを使用して、手の平と親指と拳を使い長いストロークで中くらいの圧力によるマッサージで柔らかくデリケートな皮膚組織を刺激します。 スキンローリング、筋肉の緊張をほぐしスウィーピンストロークで身体を暖めるなどのテクニックを駆使します。 異なるテクニックを組み合わせるバリ独特のユニークなマッサージ法を学びます。

2 Aromatherapy Massage (1,5 Hours)


Duration Course: 1 Week, 35 Hours
Price: 360 USD
Aromatherapy massage combines the use of essential oils and therapeutic massage. Defined as an alternative treatment, your therapist will start by asking you a series of questions relating to your health, lifestyle and medical history. From this, they will be able to select which essential oil is most suited to you. Once chosen, the essential oil must then be blended together with a carrier oil to create a mixture that can be applied directly onto the skin; essential oils alone will irritate the skin.
心身共にリラックスできるマッサージで、心をクリアにし心身をリフレッシュさせます。このコースはハンドテクニックに加えて、ブレンドされたエッセンシャ ルオイルを使用することにより トリートメントをより効果的なものにします。エッセンシャルオイルの特色を学び、その効能にあわせたオイルをフットバスやマッサージに使います。

3 Warm Stone Massage (1,5 Hours)


Duration Course: 1 Week, 35 Hours
Price: 360 USD
For this massage we use 14 warm stones, and the position of stones. On the back bone 8 stones, on the hip 6 stones, on the shoulder until waist 8 stones, on the thigh until calf 6 stones. Useful for: This massage is given promoting blood circulation and easing muscle stiffness, Neutralize PH and Lower pain
14個の程よく温められた滑らかな石とバリのスパイスをふんだんに含んだオイルを使用します。背中に8個、お尻に6個、肩から腰にかけて8個、ふくらはぎ に6個の石を置き筋肉の緊張をほぐし、血液の循環を促します。PHを自然に戻し、痛みを和らげます。力加減のコントロールと均整のとれたストーン マッサージを施し身体にエネルギーを与える方法を学びます。

4 Herbal Massage (1,5 Hours)


Duration Course: 1 Week, 35 Hours
Price: 360 USD
Herbal massage is a combine massage treatment and herbal ball. Saturating warm cloth with natural herbs, ginger and lemon or vanilla the cloth is then wrapped in a ball and heated with steam. This massage useful for: Using the ball the whole body is massaged pushing it to a state of relaxation while increasing the circulation of blood.

5 Thai Massage (1,5 Hours)


Duration Course: 1 Week, 35 Hours
Price: 360 USD
This massage an effective spot for applying moxa on the flow line of the mind is stimulated causing an increase in the bodies natural healing abilities and for this massage we not use oil. Useful for : To speed up blood circulation, Make your body refresh, Shake the muscles

6 Facial Treatment (1 Hour)


Duration Course: 1 Week, 35 Hours
Price: 360 USD
A traditional treatment using natural material which adds to the shine face giving it a youthful tension. Useful for : To tone face skin, To clean face skin, To minimize pores, To protect youthful skin. Contra-indications that prevent a facial treatment: Viruses such as colds, cold sores, warts, bacterial infections such as boils, undiagnosed lumps or swelling, known sensitivity or allergy to products.
肌のきめを整え、ディープクレンジング効果、毛穴の収縮、肌の若さを保たせることを目的としています。このコースではツボを的確に、押すことによりリンパの働き を活発にし、リラックスを促す方法を学びます。世代を超えて受け継がれた美容法をベースにしています。

7 Body Scrub Treatment (1 Hour)


Duration Course: 1 Week, 35 Hours
Price: 360 USD
The body scrub has been performed in java since the time of the 17 century. After the painting the entire body with a mixture of herbs and rice or turmeric powder allowing it to dry the body is scraped. Useful for: to clean the skin, to refresh the body, to tone the skin body, anti aging. Contraindication: pregnancy, sunburn, sensitivities skin, open wounds.

8 Slimming Massage(45 Minutes)


Duration Course: 1 Week, 35 Hours
Price: 360 USD
This treatment is suitable for individuals who are seeking for non-invasive and natural means of losing and maintaining their weight or for those who are looking to reduce fat in specific areas of the body. Improvements on areas mentioned above may also lead to increase in self-confidence and general sense of self-esteem. Aspects of this therapy may also improve the body’s natural detoxification as well the flow of an individual’s lymphatic system. This massage for: reduced appearance of cellulite, improvement in skin and muscle tone, lose inches, measurable results, safe alternative to traditional liposuction

9 Bust Treatment (1 Hour)


Duration Course: 1 Week, 35 Hours
Price: 360 USD
Bust treatment is carried out in sensitive areas women (breast) by combining massage techniques and the use of natural cream. In addition to beautify the appearance of the breast also serves to hygiene and health. Benefit: Stimulate growth of breast tissue, enhance the elasticity and firmness of breast, stimulate lymphatic drainage for better health protection, promote blood circulation and enhance activity of breast tissue Contraindication: pregnancy, have a disease of breast tumors, been perform of breast operation, fever, skin irritation

10 Pregnancy Massage (1 Hour)


Duration Course: 1 Week, 35 Hours
Price: 310 USD
Studies indicate that massage therapy performed during pregnancy can reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and joint pains, and improve labor outcomes and newborn health.

11 Baby Massage (30-40 Minutes)


Duration Course: 1 Week, 35 Hours
Price: 300 USD
There are many ways to show love and care to baby. The massage is one of them. The massage is important for the baby as the sleep and nourishment. There is bilateral effect from it, emotionally and physically, the parents get to know the baby cues and the baby on the other hand experience pleasure from the repetitive gentle strokes from the mother’s hands. The massage is very important for the emotional, spiritual and physical development of the baby. The baby massage is a communication between parent/career and the baby. Done in cozy and warm atmosphere it stimulates the physical and psychological development of the baby, helping the circulatory system, dry skin, muscle tone, improve the immune system.
・ 消化を向上
・ 母子結合の強化

12 Lomi-lomi Massage (1 Hour)


Duration Course: 1 Week, 35 Hours
Price: 310 USD
This massage is combination between Hawaian lomi-lomi massage and aloha spirit. This massage is good for alleviating both mental and physical stress, carried out by two massage therapists. This dynamic massage uses the arm to soften and smooth the entire body. Any exhaustion you may be feeling will be lost and your energy revived. This massage good for blood circulation, body refresh, lower stress feeling and shake muscle.

13 Reflexology Massage (1 Hour)


Duration Course: 1 Week, 35 Hours
Price: 310 USD
Bali spa schools reflexology massage: This massage focuses on the area of the foot, especially the soles of the feet. This massage emphasizes on the point of reflection on the feet and connected to all parts the body. This massage good for feet, can speed up blood circulation, correspond to each organ and structure in the body
主に足裏のリラックスポイントを指圧して血液の循環を促します。古代からあるヒーリング技術です。 リフレクソロジーは緊張を和らげ、身体のうっ血している場所を取り除き、人間が本来持っている回復機能を 助ける働きがあります。このコースでは異なるポイントを、異なる指圧法でマッサージする技術を学びます。

14 Cream Bath Hair Treatment (1 Hour)


Duration Course: 1 Week, 35 Hours
Price: 310 USD
This treatment using natural cream mixed with Chinese medical herb jamu the scalp is elaborately massaged nourishing the hair. The back of the culminated with a tonic massage of the scalp. Useful for: To cleanses the hair, To make the hair fragrant, Provide nutrients for the hair (cream cream bath: essential materials contained in the cream are: amino acids, biotin, vitamin B complex and calcium which is very important for your hair), speed up nutrient absorption through the massage when cream bath, maintain hair health and moisture Contra-indication: Hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, fever.
インドネシアだけで発展した独特の伝統的な方法のトリートメントです。アロエ、ミントの葉、ココナッツやアボガドなどの自然素材を使います。シャンプーや コンディショナーの使用法から始まり、クリームバス、頭皮への効果的な浸透のさせ方とヘアマッサージを講義。髪をホットタオルでスチームしている間の、手 と首と肩のマッサージも学びます。

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Bali Nature Spa School

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