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Bali NATURE Adventure I バリネイチャーアドベンチャー
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Bali NATURE Adventure I バリネイチャーアドベンチャー
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Tenganan Village Is the Spiritual Site Of Bali

Friday, August 12th 2016.

Bali Nature Adventure - Tenganan Bali - Bali Ceremony

Good Day, Good People! Have you ever imagine living your life in ancient and traditional way? Well, most people probably can’t stand living this life without electricity or internet connection instead. But don’t you know that back in Bali, the island with the mixed-up culture came from the modern tourist who stays and influencing the civilization through these years, there is a Village who still lives in ancient and traditional way? It’s called Tenganan Village people, the place that will amazed you with their ancient lifestyle and surely will make the different point of view in seeing life for us.

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Tenganan is one of several ancient villages in Bali, which is usually called “Bali Aga”. There are some versions of story telling us the history of Tenganan village. Some say that the word Tenganan was derived from the word “tengah” or “ngatengahang” which means “move to the inner area”.
Bali Aga village means a village that still hold the origin traditions and rules of ancient Balinese and the people living in the village are “Bali Aga,” the original Balinese people. The houses are designed the traditional way, the village people still hold the traditional religious ritual ceremonies, and live the ancient Balinese lifestyle of using every means to keep their lifestyle pure and clean. The Tenganese people who move out of the village are not welcomed back, nor are their spouses if the village people get married to outsiders. Only Bali Aga people are allowed to live here, meaning only those people who were born in this village, and there are around 400 people still living in this small village, which is an hour a ride away from the international airport in Bali.
This derivation of word was having a relation with the movement of the villagers from the seaside to a rural area, in which the position of this village is in the middle of hills, that are western hill (Bukit Kauh) and eastern hill (Bukit Kangin). Another version reveals that the people of Tenganan came from Peneges village, located in Gianyar, precisely near Bedahulu.
Bali Nature Adventure - Tenganan Bali - Village Of Bali
Historical legend of Tenganan Pegringsingan
Based on the folklore, once upon a time Bedahulu King lost one of his horses. The people looked for it to the east and the horse was finally found dead by Ki Patih Tunjung Biru, the King’s right hand. For his loyalty, the King finally gave Ki Patih Tunjung Biru an authority to govern the land as far as the aroma of the carrion of the horse can be smelled. Ki Patih was an intelligent person, so he cut the carrion into pieces and spread it as far as he could. Thus he received a quite large area.
The word Pegeringsingan was taken from the word “geringsing”. Geringsing is a traditional woven product that can only be found in Tenganan. Geringsing is noticed to be sacred for the belief that it has a magical power to drive away the evil or the black magic. Geringsing derived from the word “gering” means decease and “sing” means no.

Tenganan village, Bali

Village Layout
Houses in Tenganan Pegringsingan village were built on either side of the north to the south concourse with their doors opening on to it. The entrances of the houses are narrow, only allowing one person to enter or leave at any one time. One enters the village through the gate on the southern end. On either side of the entrance are two small temples. Across from these is the long balé agung, where the administrative decisions for the village are made. Next to that is the drum tower (kul-kul). The kul-kul is beaten 21 times each morning to start the day. Up the center are a series of communal pavilions (balé) for ceremonial gatherings.

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The history of Tenganan village is expressed in a few versions. The first version is mentioned that the resident of Tenganan village are come from Paneges Village, a village is located near with Bedahulu Village that is located Gianyar Regency. The second version is expressed that word of Tenganan recognized in one of Bali inscription that was written by the word of Tranganan. The third version is expressed that the Tenganan Village Resident prays to the Bukit Lempuyang Temple. The word of Tenganan is ascribed by a Tengah root word which can mean to aim to middle of Pegringsingan, the fasten cloth type weave that is typically produce by Tenganan village resident.
The structure of resident in Tenganan village is built in linear consisted of six rays. Each of ray consisted of some lawn broadly, the building form where the local community use it to present the handicraft for tourists. All the tradition existences of the human being are harmoniously with the God, human and environment as according to Tri Hita Karana concept. The Tourism Destination of Tenganan remains to draw during the time, goodness as tourism cultural object, tourism nature and agriculture tourism.
Bali Nature Adventure - Tenganan Bali - Tenun Ikat
Double Ikat is a technique in which both warp and the weft are dyed with a specific pattern prior to stringing on the loom, and in Indonesia it is only made in Tenganan. Double Ikat weaving requires a lot of skill for precise patterns to be woven and is considered the premiere form of Ikat. Many of the patterns still done today are hundreds of years old, and the Balinese women weaving them take pride for mastering the ancient skill of double Ikat. These double Ikat fabrics have high spiritual significance and in Tenganan they are still worn for specific religious ceremonies.